The Living Culture Foundation Namibia.

The Living Culture Foundation Namibia.




The Living Culture Foundation Namibia is a German-Namibian organisation which consists of the Namibian voluntary association Living Culture Foundation Namibia based in Windhoek and the german partner organisation Living Culture Namibia e.V. based in Tangermünde.

Objectives of the LCFN

The LCFN focuses on cultural development in Namibia. Our most important objectives are...

1. The conservation and transfer of traditional culture

The LCFN supports the protection of traditional culture in Namibia. Especially people in communal areas are encouraged to deal with their traditional culture to protect or regain important parts of their cultural identity.

2. The creation of a source of income in local communities

The LCFN combines the protection or the regain of traditional culture with the fight against poverty. This works as the LCFN encourages the establishment of sustainable projects for the tourism industry, for example our "Living Museums".

3. The development of a cultural and intercultural educational institution

With our projects, especialy with our Living Museums we try to encourage a dialogue between Namibians and Non-Namibians as well as tolerant relations between the Namibian language groups.