Keetmanshoop is a city in the //Karas Region of southern Namibia, lying on the Trans-Namib Railway from Windhoek to Upington in South Africa. It is named after Johann Keetman, a German industrialist and benefactor of the city. The town is situated in a semi-arid area, normally receiving an annual average rainfall of only 152 millimetres, although in the 2010/2011 rainy season 254 millimetres were measured.

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Distances to Keetmanshoop: Vioolsdrift Border  - 305 km

                                                    Ariamsvlei Border - 326 km 

                                                    Luderitz                 - 340 km

                                                    Windhoek              - 498 km

Places to visit in and around Keetmanshoop:

Hendrik Tseib Statue. Founder of Keetmanshoop. Hendrik was chief of the !Kara-Oan Nama tribe, who was the first people to settle at Swartmodder (black mud) in 1850.

Karakul Statue. The statue of a Nama shepard with a lamb in his arm and a fully grown karakul. Unveiled on the 13th September 2007 during the centenary celebrations of the karakul pelt industry in Namibia.

Eagle Monument. Commemorates the German soldiers killed in the Herero and Nama wars.

Rhenish Missionary Church. Erected in 1895, it now also contains a museum.


Giants Playgrounds.

Mesosaurus Fossil Site.


Brukkaros Mountain is an extinct volcano, measuring 1,590 metres at its peak, Brukkaros is located about 136 kilometres northeast of Keetmanshoop. It is over 600 metres taller than the surrounding area.